5 Reasons You Might Want to Consider Hiring a Wedding Planner…


Hi, I’m Zoë Binning and am delighted to be joining you for another guest blogging spot for Weddingbooker.com

I have been a wedding planner for a number of years and so you can be totally forgiven for thinking that this post is just a massive plug for my services. BUT, I will completely pre-empt that thought, by telling you that I no longer take on wedding bookings for couples, as I now work exclusively with wedding venues, offering wedding business consultancy to support upcoming and established venues, to maximise their profitability and I also provide them with fully trained and qualified freelance wedding planners. (To understand why I consider this to be a huge necessity, have a read of my blog post all about wedding venue coordinators.)

So, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let me tell you why I genuinely believe that you might want to consider a wedding planner and what the myriad benefits to you would be…

If you have never considered hiring a planner, I completely understand the sentiment that you want to plan your wedding, your way and don’t want someone taking over, OR that you are concerned that your budget is already stretched and you just can’t justify the cost, but read on.

1) A planner is an experienced, impartial sounding board
You might only be getting married once, but your wedding planner has had the experience of being involved in many weddings and knows what does and what doesn’t work, what your budget can stretch to and who is best placed to create the exact look that you want. They are an expert is understanding your vision (even if you can’t quite imagine it yourself) and will provide you with their wealth of expert advice, ideas and numerous suggestions that you might not have considered but could be perfect for your big day.

2) Sources the best local suppliers
Wedding planners know their local area and many, many local wedding suppliers. They have worked with many of them and know who provides an excellent level of service, who is reliable, reasonably priced and efficient… and who isn’t!
Be sure, however, that when you select your wedding planner, they are very clear upfront that they do not take commission. I cannot stress this enough as one of my core beliefs in this industry, is that no planner who takes commission can truly give you impartial advice and recommend the best suppliers for you. The planner works for you after all. You pay them to be on your side, not their own!

3) Secures you discounts
As a wedding planner, I was often offered commission. I always turned it down, but asked the suppliers if they would instead permit me to offer that commission as a discount to my clients. Suppliers will often be happy to offer a discount or possibly an add-on services to the couple as a result of the relationship they have built with their wedding planner.

4) Prevents last minute panics that the cake won’t turn up!
Your planner will always be in regular contact with your suppliers in the lead up to and on your big day. They will confirm delivery and set up times with them so that you can relax, knowing that everything is under control. They will also have contingency plans in place, in case the worst is to happen… (yup, it happens!)

5) Manages the day for you, so you can enjoy every moment!
You, your mum, your sister and your best friend can just get on with enjoying every minute of your special day, rather than having to be responsible for running around sorting out all of the little details, dealing with your suppliers, checking the tables have been laid out to your specifications or ensuring everyone and everything are where they should be. Don’t forget, your wedding day is a special day for you as a couple, but it is also a day of love, friendship and celebration for those closest to you, so let them enjoy it too and take away the best memories, rather than any stresses or worries.

If you want to know why I because a wedding planner and how I knew first-hand how important having someone there on your day would be, have a read of this and let me know if it resonates with you too! And of course, if you are searching for the ideal wedding venue, then use WeddingBooker.com to help find the right wedding venue for you.

Zoë x

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