5 Tips on How to Pick a Wedding Venue


Clearly, if you’re planning your wedding, you’ll know that finding and securing the right wedding venue for you and your significant other is a huge step. Possibly the hugest step you can take, for that matter. Other than ‘I do’.

Here’s five tips that’ll help you when you come to pick a wedding venue, best suited to you.


#1 Find a wedding venue that suits both personalities

Before we get started – of course, we know every couple to-be is unique and so no two weddings are ever going to be the same.

Working as a team to find a venue that has a bit of both of you in mind is always going to be a challenge – unless you both share the same, mutual interests throughout and even then, it’s not all that straight forward.

Whether you go for a beach setting, majestic barn or manor house – try to choose a venue that suits both your personalities, combined into one.


#2 Work within your budget

This goes without saying, but working within your budget is critical to wedding planning.

It’s easy to think ‘a little more won’t hurt’ but before you know it, you’ve said yes to the dress, and a massive dent in the overdraft.

Once you’ve decided on how much you want to spend on your venue, stick to it.

If you can’t find the original type of venue you were searching for within this budget, think outside of the box. There’s more alternative, unusual wedding venues than you may have first thought, but we’ll get to that shortly.


#3 Choose a location that guests can get to

Another crucial decision you’ll have to make is where to get married. By this we mean geographical location.

More than likely, your family and friends won’t be living in just one place. In-fact, they’re probably all living across the country in various spots, which means choosing your location will likely be influenced by them, whether you like it or not.

Picking a civil location will be key to making sure everyone can attend your special day.

Check how long travelling would take your guests and bear this in mind when finalising your choice. Some may have to book hotels nearby or be put up with other family members.

In this decision, remember to consider the elderly in your family.

Make sure other family members can offer them transport if necessary and it might even be worth looking for somewhere that doesn’t involve a very far walk from place to place, or many stairs.


#4 Does it suit your theme?

If you’ve got a theme in mind for your special day, make sure your wedding venue fits the same look and feel you’re aspiring to. Think about whether the venue works with or even enhances your wedding aesthetic.

If you and your partner both love the outdoors – an impressive country house wedding or even castle in the countryside, with large grounds could be perfect. Think about fitting a marquee outside to feel a little closer to what you love and enjoy it with others.

Equally, if you and your partner are a little quirky – think outside the box. Maybe there’s an old school theatre nearby or a fun fair that can be rented for the day.


#5 Timings

Deciding which time of the year to have your wedding is a biggie, but it more or less comes down to two choices; sun or no sun?

If you go with sun and choose to have a July wedding for example, you may have to compete with guests’ summer holidays.

Contrastingly, the positive of a July wedding is that you can almost guarantee great weather and lighting for the day, which is often a high priority for a lot of brides.

The timing of your wedding date therefore, massively impacts the venue that you choose.

If you’re looking at picturesque, outdoorsy wedding locations – your venue will have to be something that works across the summer months. Whereas if it’s something more atmospheric and cosy you’re after for a December wedding, you’ll need to find a venue that can hold a lot of people, indoors, without any problems.