Countdown to your Wedding – a 12-month Checklist


Countdown to your wedding – 12 month checklist

Planning your wedding can feel like mission impossible! With twelve months to go until the big day, it’s likely you’ll have an idea of what you want (and definitely don’t want want) for your ceremony and party, alike.

Figuring out the order you need to arrange these things in however, is a different story and a little more difficult at that.

Every wedding is unique and requires diverse jobs to be completed at different times, during its build-up. We’re going to ensure you cover the essentials across the twelve month period and there’s a lot that needs to be covered.

So – without further ado, here’s our suggested twelve month checklist for you to work through!


T-minus Twelve Months

  • Set the date
  • Decide whether you want to plan your own wedding or hire a wedding planner
  • Get your guest list down on paper, figure out your ball-park number
  • Send save-the-date cards out to your expected guest list
  • Decide on your budget
  • Decide on bridesmaids, a best man and ushers
  • Meet your minister/registrar
  • Take out wedding insurance if you think you’ll be needing it
  • Decide/Begin deciding what your wedding theme and colours are going to be
  • Get your diet on
  • Perhaps most importantly – start booking stuff:
  • Book/Secure your wedding venue
  • Book your photographer and videographer
  • Book a DJ/band/entertainment
  • Book caterers if needed
  • Book your cars
  • Book your florist
  • Book and plan your honeymoon


T-minus Six Months

  • Order/Design and create your wedding invitations
  • Send out your wedding invitations
  • Order your wedding cake
  • Order your venue décor and table decorations
  • Buy your remaining wedding shoes, accessories etc.
  • Book your makeup artist and hairdresser
  • Buy your bridesmaid’s dresses and suits for the groom, best man, ushers and any flower girls/page boys

T-minus Three Months

  • Give notice (This is a legal requirement needed to formalise your intent to marry, romantic – we know)
  • Arrange a wedding rehearsal
  • Chase anybody who hasn’t replied to your invite
  • Have your wedding dressed altered if needed (and then try not to change too much in weight)
  • Buy your wedding rings
  • Decide on your desired gift list
  • Choose wedding music and readings
  • Plan your hen and stag parties or make sure somebody else has for you


T-minus One Month

  • Continue chasing any guests who haven’t replied to your invitation
  • Arrange a final fitting of your wedding dress, take your Mum and other important people along with you
  • Nail your wedding rehearsal
  • Enjoy yourselves on your last nights of freedom
  • Finalise your seating plan once you’ve confirmed who’s attending
  • Write and finalise your wedding speeches/vows
  • Remember to pay everything, prepare for an expensive month


T-minus One Week

  • Get a haircut, do whatever you’ve need to do to feel good
  • Practice your wedding speeches/vows
  • Pack for your honeymoon
  • Wear-in your wedding shoes (bride, well – groom if necessary)
  • Gather together a wedding emergency kit of essential makeup, lipstick, tissues etc. Anything you think you might need on the day, within reason


T-minus One Day

  • Relax
  • Get an early night


Finally, remember that every wedding is different and your checklist will change dependant on what’s important to you. Use what we’ve provided as a basic outline and personalise yours by adding and re-adjust items to work for you – and of course use to search for the wedding venue thats right for you.