Most Popular Wedding Reception Songs


popular wedding songs

Music plays a crucial role in setting the tone for your celebrations and with picking great wedding reception songs, capable of lasting the whole night, comes great responsibility.

So much so that the selection of music can make or break your guests’ experience. With so many genres to choose from and people to please, sometimes your playlist can be just as difficult to pick as your carefully worded wedding vows.

With music being the not so silent unsung hero at every wedding party however, we’re here to make sure you get it right!


#1 Reception Entrance – Bruno Mars, ‘Marry You’

First things first – you need to make sure your reception entrance is on point. Your entrance song unveils you as a couple for the very first time and walking into the same room as all your friends and loved ones is something you’ll remember forever. Coincidently, it could also be one of the only things you remember the following day.

‘Marry you’ by Bruno Mars is our suggestion to get the vibe rolling for what lies ahead.


#2 First Dance – John Legend, ‘All of Me’

Of course your first dance tops the list of important song choices and unless you’ve got a surprise dance routine up your sleeve, the likelihood is you’re going to be opting for a slow dance to a song that expresses the story of your romance.

Picking a song that is personal to the pair of you is the way to go for this one but as a universal message, ‘All of me’ seems to say it better than most.


#3 Getting the Party Started – Outkast, ‘Hey Ya

The first dance is done, the pressure is off, romance has filled the room and now it’s time to get the party started with everybody up, on their feet. There’s no better, unanimously loved track introduction than ‘Hey Ya’ by Outkast.

Easily capable of using its magnetic field to drag everybody to the dance floor, it doesn’t matter that nobody remembers the words, it’s the energy it brings that counts!

#4 Keeping the Party Lit –The Village People, ‘YMCA

If you think you can have a wedding party without a loud, action packed dance routine anthem however – think again. Sometimes you need to accommodate both the oldies and younger crowd at the same time and there’s ultimately no better way of doing this than the YMCA. We’re sorry, it’s a fact.

It doesn’t appear to matter how old you are, everybody seems to know how to move to this song and yell the lyrics from the top of their lungs – a real treat for the ears.


#5 Here Come the Girls – ABBA, ‘Dancing Queen

It’s usually around this point of the night that the majority of men have decided to retire to the bar and all the women in the building remain on the dance floor. Having warmed up, they’re now ready to perform their best rendition of the ‘Dancing Queen’, yet another treat for the ears.

For all the girls, aunts, mums, grandmothers and distant cousins there’s nothing more capable of gathering them together in one place than this classic.


#6 Generation Change – Bryan Adams, ‘Summer of ’69

Key change. The older generation are just about ready to hit the hay and with that comes one final request from your uncle Kev. Most oldies have a story that accompanies the first time they heard this song and it almost appears timeless at all parties.

Everybody seems to know what went down in the summer of 69 and it’s what the people want, which basically means you have to oblige.


#7 Singalong Time – Toploader, ‘Dancing in the Moonlight

With a few stragglers, most of the older family have left the floor. Wedding soundtracks often become complicated at this stage of the night because having played all the oldies at once, you’ve begun to lose the younger crowd. To help overcome this, it’s time to mix it up with a real sing along.

One of the perfect crossovers for this exact situation is Toploader’s, Dancing in the Moonlight.


#8 Lads! Lads! Lads! –The Killers, ‘Mr Brightside

Now that the lads have been enticed back to the floor having emptied several caskets behind the bar, they’re all anticipating their time to shine. That one song now needs to arrive, providing them with the opportunity to sing their hearts out in unison and drown out the noise of any others.

What song is capable of dragging them out of their cage you ask? The answer: Mr Brightside.


#9 Heart to Hearts – Journey, ‘Don’t Stop Believin’

With the majority of the singing now done, guests are beginning to take their seats and catch up on old times. There’s a song in the distant background that helps keep the drink fuelled chats flowing and that absolute tune is ‘Don’t Stop Believing’.

We’ve all been there at this point of a wedding, feeling the need to remind absolutely everybody how much you love them. Even that guy you met two hours ago for the first time, I think his name was Dave?


#10 Drunk Closure – Semisonic, ‘Closing Time

One last call for alcohol, so finish your whisky or beer. The end is near and so almost everybody is ready to head to the land of nod. This final stage of the night calls for one last song and the DJ’s best attempt to articulate the message comes in the form of ‘Closing Time’.

You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here.