Planning for a Wedding Where to Start


The engagement has happened and everyone’s excited! You and your other half are ready to begin planning for a wedding but where to start?

Our top tip is to start with what we call the 3 W’s –When, Who and Where? These are the most important elements of planning a wedding and should be where to start your wedding planning.




This is important, have a think about your financial situation and wedding budget. Do you have savings already and able to feasibly book a date within the next year and be able to afford all you want? Or, do you need to consider a date in a few years to allow time to save towards the big day? The most important thing is to keep within your means and if this means putting your date back by a year we would recommend to do so. Trust us, the time will fly by. You will enjoy the planning process much more knowing that you have the time and means to plan the perfect wedding day.
Once you’ve decided on the year the next step is to think about the month/season and day. The most popular wedding dates will be during the summer months on weekends so if you can be flexible with your dates this will give you a good bargaining tool when searching for your venue.




Deciding on your guest list is going to be tricky so start thinking about this asap as there will be lots of discussions and to-ing and fro-ing.
Our advice is to firstly decide on if you are going for an intimate, nearest and dearest celebration or big and extravagant. Once this is decided both you and your partner should compile lists separately to include your family members and friends. Bring these together and start working with both lists to combine them to a reasonable amount. This may be difficult and can possibly be your biggest hurdle, keep calm and be conscious of each other’s wishes and work together to come to a good compromise.



Finding your perfect wedding venue is no easy feat. The best place to start would be to search through all the venues in your chosen region. You can apply filters to your search by categorising by venue type. Are you looking for a grand castle or more of a rustic barn? Use the filters to bring up all the venues that match your requirements and then shortlist your top 5.
Once you’ve shortlisted your favourite venues make contact with them to ensure they are able to host your requirements and arrange viewings of them all. Compile a list of questions to ask them all and make notes so you can compare and contrast. This will help you narrow it down to the one.


The When, Who and Where’s will impact each other, so take your time, do your research and get them all lined up to work together. The dates and guest numbers will somewhat dictate which venues are suitable to host your wedding requirements so start with the When and Who and the Where will follow!

Last but by no means least, enjoy the process and be realistic to what you can achieve. Get the three W’s right and you’re already half way there to creating the day of your dreams!

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Good Luck!