Wedding Trends 2019

Summer is coming and with it, the start of another bright, colourful and exciting wedding season. So, it’s definitely the time to be looking forward to what we can expect to see coming up in this year’s weddings.
As ever there are certain key elements that give us a great indication as to the upcoming trends, styles and priorities for 2019’s wedding couples and wedding venues.
You might not be surprised that royal weddings have been as inspirational as ever and we will inevitably see offshoots of Harry and Meghan’s wedding inspo for years to come, but there are some definite favourites that we can highlight that are catching on already…
The year’s pantone colour is as ever, reflected in colour schemes and this year there is a huge emphasis on the increasingly emerging natural, eco and ethical attitudes!
2018 was definitely a year for metallics and marble, wildflowers and clean, clear backdrops, not to mention quirky and fun desserts (have a look back at my Wedding Trends of 2018’ blog post), but things in 2019, they are a-changing, so read on to find out what we expect to be bigger and more evident…

1) Colours & Themes
This year we’re seeing some incredibly dramatic and opulent ‘dinner party’ styles coming to the fore. Think wild fruits, autumnal shades and lots of deep, moody colours, such as rich berries, reds, burgundies and rose hues.

Couples are either complementing these with a black-tie theme, black linens, simple wooden chairs, white crockery and minimalistic décor or choosing to take them in a completely different direction, with a light, elegant theme, comprising gold, bright foliage, white linens and tapered gold candlesticks.
In so many cases though, the move is towards long trestle table arrangements, bringing the guests together, rather than the traditional round tables with the long separate top.

2) Statement Wedding Cakes
Whilst in recent years, fun and alternative dessert options have been very much in evidence, the traditional wedding cake is again taking centre stage to create a focal point and a big opulent statement!
Think cakes worthy of a royal wedding, with monograms, lots of intricate piping and a range of unique and beautiful finishes. And don’t forget the option of including a nod to your theme’s colour as well!

3) Foliage, trees & less-traditional alternatives
Foliage was definitely big in 2018. Couples wanted to bring the outdoors in, and this definitely hasn’t changed. Trees of all different types and heights are being introduced and foliage instead of floral arrangements are still, and increasingly popular. However, this year is the year for more alternative statements with your foliage.
Pampas grass, wheat, pampas grass and errr…. more pampas grass! They’re everywhere if you’re looking for an alternative and soft effect, these pretty inclusions can create depth and a completely different vibe from the traditional florals. Think aisles, backdrops and evening party decor…

4) Wedding dresses
It wouldn’t be a prediction blog post without some mention of wedding dresses and I definitely don’t want to disappoint!
You can probably guess the two key words for this year’s go-to dress style: Classic and Simple. There’s been a definite move away from embellishments and lots of detail and full skirts for 2019 and the focus has been, unsurprisingly on clean lines, beautiful styling and effortless chic. All in all, a very natural, minimalist look a la Meghan Markle. This style embodies everything about the ‘less is more’ concept, but is still a real show-stopper!

5) Eco-conscious & ethical weddings
Unless you live like a hermit in the wilderness (in which case you probably don’t need to be aware of it, as you’re probably already encompassing its values anyway) you can’t have failed to notice that ethical concerns are paramount and reducing our use of single-use plastic is of massive and urgent importance in today’s society. As a wedding planner, I have definitely noticed a major shift in the last year alone, of the number of my clients who are trying to reduce their carbon footprint in their daily lives as well as for their weddings and increasingly I am discussing alternatives to plastic straws, stirrers and for larger public events; plastic glassware, crockery and cutlery with caterers and bar companies.

6) Personalisation & illustrations
Increasingly, smaller, more personal weddings have become a definite ‘thing’ over the past few years and as a result, there is considerably more focus on creating a more personalised experience for the guests.
This is often created in the form of unique and carefully chosen gifts or favours, handwritten welcome notes for the couple’s nearest & dearest and hand-drawn illustrations for table place settings or the wedding invitations themselves;
Beautiful watercolour depictions of the wedding venue or the couple are increasingly being commissioned, invariably for the invitations which, let’s be fair are one of the few letters that people often receive through the post, that actually bring a smile to their faces these days.
These designs can then be used across the day, to create a cohesive and beautifully personalised theme for menus, name plates, table names and table plans. Simple, beautiful and fabulously unique.

7) Grazing Tables
Ooh now as far as I’m concerned, its all about leaving the best to last and food is right up there at the top of my list of favourite things. Wedding food has become far more exciting and varied in recent years and the methods in which guests are fed has also developed – bowl food, festival style stalls, you name it, it’s been a thing (and oh what a wonderful thing!) 2019 though, sees the emergence of that incredible and mouth-watering concept – the grazing table.
With a cacophony of colours, tastes, smells and textures; grazing tables are a feast for the eyes before you even get close enough to reach out and grab something to pop into your mouth.
It’s a welcome alternative to the standard canape or evening buffet and often combines a beautifully displayed selection of meats, cheeses, fruits and nuts (or anything else you fancy to be honest). Guaranteed to make your guests smile and head to the table at a bit of a run!

A huge thank you to our guest blogger Zoe Marie Binning from Weddings by Zoe. Zoe is an experienced wedding business consultant based in South Wales, who specialises in sharing her extensive knowledge, expert advice and provides guidance to couples organising all types and sizes of wedding venues and businesses. Whether they require in-depth consultation, training and support to make lasting improvements, implementing the proposed solutions, ensuring maximisation of the return on their assets in addition to freelance wedding planning, Zoe can help…..

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